Upgrade Consideration - Intel to an M series Mac

For all those thinking of upgrading an old Intel Mac to a new M Series Mac they are great machines.

However the new unified memory architecture and the fact that it is not upgradable post purchase makes your decision on RAM at purchase a major factor in your future enjoyment of the system with Audirvana.

There have been many articles about this in the Apple focussed media recently. A link to some simple basic advise from Macworld is attached. I have used the M series Macs since inception and I would not consider a machine with less than 16GB RAM for Audirvana due to my use of upsampling algorithms and a desire to conduct this and buffering within physical RAM without recourse to using a swap file.

nowdays it’s vital to use at least 32GB ram!
but different from user to user, different needs different workload. for internet and music it’s ok the 16GB but forget the upgradable part…