Upgrade from Audirvana Plus


I use a Mac Mini with Audirvana Plus installed, I`ve just paid £60 for an upgrade to 3.5 but cant upload the new licence key.

I got the key on a different PC via Hotmail. I dont have Hotmail on the Mac Mini and am wondering if I should download it, would the key provided be an active link or something?

All very confusing any help much appreciated.


?? just open outlook.com on your mac browser
then log in your hotmail account…
copy the serial in the email and paste it in Audirvana on the mac…

Thanks for that, I didnt have Outlook on the Mac, but can you tell me where I paste it, if I go to the upload licence page it doesnt seem to be active

Do you know if all previous settings will be maintained…

Thanks again for your advice.


Just open “Safari” web browser and type “outlook.com” in the address bar, then login (sign-in) and retrieve the license key. You need to put the license key in Audirvana, not on a web page.

The settings will be maintained.

Outlook.com is the same now as hotmail.com then, they have been bought for long now. But your email will still work and password too for logging.

Thanks for the replies but UI still am unsure actually where I paste the code, as I say the page titled upload licence key seems inactive so do I just paste the code under the last upgrade or something. I know I`m missing the point here but really could do with knowing where it goes. Good news on the settings though.


Go to audirvana.com and download the trial, then open the .dmg and drag Audirvana to your applications folder on mac, if it says it exist, replace it, then open Audirvana new version and when asked for serial or key, paste it there

Now that`s sounds good, thanks, why Audirvana cant make it a bit more apparent is a mystery!!

A job for Boxing day I think…

Thanks for the info, all sorted out now, I had to update my Mac Mini to Cortina something and ran into a few issues but sounding really good now, I have to say.

Just one thing, the Audirvana app keeps asking for a password to update something and Im not sure I have one and cant find out how to change or check it out, any ideas would be most welcome.

Maybe your mac password to install system optimizer?

My Audirvana version 3.2.20 is considered as the latest
My Mac version is high Sierra, 10.13.5
Why can’t I get the last version, 3.5?
Have I to pay 80 euros for the upgrade?
Thanks for your help

If you want to upgrade 3.5 it will ask your 3.2.x number and you will have a discount i think. Go to website and try to buy latest with upgrade license you will see the options for you

3.5 was a major step in the layout and sound, paid upgrade…

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