Upgrade to 2.3.0 : Cannot play music - error while loading tracks


Since i upgraded to 2.3.0, i’m not able to play music anymore from Qobuz nor local files. I’m constantly getting the message : “Error while loading first track”.
What should i do ?

thanks a lot.

Exactly the Same problem here on my side.

Hi @moonboot and @joey97798856,

Are you using a MacOS or Windows computer when you have this issue?

Hi Antoine,

Windows computer with windows 11.
One time, i could get some sound but it was super hashed. But the common case is the track not loading at all.


I was able to make everything worked out by restarting my router and my dac/streamer as well.
No issue now !

Got the same problem one MacOS 13.3.1 Restarting router etc doesn’t solve this problem for me

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