Upgrade to gentooplayer + Audirvana

I have been a subscriber to audirvana for several years and I am currently running version 3.5.46.

I would like to upgrade to Audirvana + Gentooplayer so that I can use the software on my Metrum Ambre streamer/Roonbridge, but I do not know where to start. Could some one explain the steps to take in order to get this upgrade as smoothly and as quickly as possible?

Someone explained that I may have to buy a new license, which is fine, but how does it work out for someone like me who has had an audirvana subscription for several years? I would like to have a step by step guide as to how to proceed. If there is a place where I can find such a guide, that our be really helpful, and I’d be grateful to be shown where to get there. Many thanks.

just go to audirvana.com and click at the bottom Free Trial for 30 days. Full version for you to use and see after if you want to pay by month or a year subscription, if you were an old user as you said, you’ll have a deal for the first year of paying Studio.

You can have the two applications in your mac, they don’t have the same name and the database is named differently also…

Gentooplayer is a Linux distribution which runs on Raspberry Pi and X86 machines. I don’t believe Audirvana runs on Linux. I think that the Ambre is based on a Pi, in which case you could burn Gentooplayer to an SD card and load that into the Ambre.

You don’t need to do anything with your Audirvana licence or installation, but once the Ambre is running Gentooplayer you need to set up the DLNA service by enabling UPMPCLI and MPD in the Gentooplayer Enable/disable software menu, then choose that as the Audirvana output.

Thanks, @the_bat , the procedure you have outlined is very helpful and clear. Now I have a question about the version of Audirvana to use in this new configuration. This pertains to what difference Audirvana Studio would make from a perspective of sound quality, were I to upgrade to Studio from the current version I have, which already grants me access to both Tidal and Qobuz. In other words, if this standard version can work with Gentooplayer, what advantages might the Audirvana Studio version bring to the table. I wouldn’t mind upgrading to the Studio version. I just want to know what the benefits are first, and need a brief summary of those. Many thanks again,

Thanks, @RunHomeSlow, I am not familiar with the benefits of the Studio version, and while I am certainly intrigued, I would like some idea of what benefits it might bring before bothering with the trial. I have a lifetime subscription to Roon, which also gives me access to Tidal and Qobuz like my current version of Audirvana does. If the Studio version would bring some such added benefits as superior sound quality, I would gladly bite. Please excuse my Noob questions, and thanks again for your response.

Hi Sahem

I think there are too many variables for me to make a definitive statement. Easiest thing would be to download and give it a try.

Okay, I’ll do the AS trial thing and see what it can do for my rig. Thanks.

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