Upgrade to new version cost justification?

I am on trail at the moment. I notice on sign up page that people have to pay for £60 upgrade from versions V1, V2 or V3.2 How often does Audivarna upgrade, and what is the justification in upgrade cost?

Every few years. The justification is you get some new features and keeps it up to date with latest developments in operating systems.

Still, if you’re happy with the old version, you don’t have to upgrade.

Thanks for the info. Do you still get patches with say existing services when purchased?

Yes, for example when Tidal changed the authentication method it was back-ported to previous version.

This is a good point. I am considering purchasing a licence and switching away from Roon. However, does anyone know what happens if a new version is released just 1 or 2 months after purchase? Would I be expected to pay a further £60 upgrade fee right away? The last big release was back in 2019 so judging by the release frequency, of around 2 years, it seems like a major update could be imminent. I guess I’m just asking if I am about to purchase what will soon be an outdated version? I shouldn’t complain though, because I cannot stand the monthly subscription model!

I don’t think Damien will be supporting two products: Audirvana and Audirvana Studio, which is out on May 9th.

Just a new name, for new version i guess, not out may 9, conference for next release :grinning:

I understand OS developments cost money - but I paid for a full V3, had to reconfigure my system and am now requested to pay for the latest version, without possibility to simply re-install what I already purchased…?

Goodbye, Audirvana.

Why so dramatic?
You don’t say why or where you were asked to pay for a new version (which new version, anyway?).

If you are having problems either simply wait for a response from Damien3/Audirvana here, or send an e-mail to support@audirvana.com .

You can always re-install the version you have, as long as it still works on the OS you’re using. If you don’t upgrade the OS you can use it as long as you want.

Nothing “dramatic” at all.

Therefore, existing owners of 3.2 like me must now purchase 3.5, no option to re-install 3.2 if I they so chose.

Greed, pure and simple. Goodbye.

No one promised v3.x (x=2) would be supported indefinitely for indefinite OS releases. Sorry.

You can re-install, some things just might not work or it might not work at all.

I don’t find anything scandalous there. If you insist on using that version, run it on an older OS.

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It’s not about “being suppported” - it’s about no longer being able or given the choice to download / install the product I purchased.

Who said there was anything scandalous…?

I purchased 3.2, not 3.5 - but I can no longer download it. I don’t care whether or not it is supported, why is Audirvana refusing me the option to download their product that I purchased?

Contact them at support@audirvana.com. They will provide you a link. They’ve done this before. If you search the forums you might find a link that still works.

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Glad I didn’t purchase now. Kind of felt like a new version was around the corner. I did download a trial. It’s good. Not as good as Roon but for the price and IF you’re able to connect your computer directly to your system it works well. That’s not a long term solution for me though.

Now I’ve seen they are going after the subscription model I’m not interested at all. I pay the Roon subs but only because the functionality is superior to Audirvana. I was looking into Audirvana because Roon is a subs model and Audirvana wasn’t. Now that’s ruined.

I’ll stick with Roon and wait to see what Apple Music morphs into.

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