Upgrading to Multi-Platform Does Not Work

When trying to give this company my money to upgrade to multi-platform, I enter my ID and, license key (does not work) then try with my order confirmation number (does not work). This is two days in a row trying to give away my money so I can run this product on my windows and Mac. Can somebody tell me what I need to do to get authorized to run a second copy of Audirvana on my Mac?


Hello @jcwilliamson71,

the license key you purchased last week is already a cross-plateform license, you don’t need to convert it to use it on MacOS and/or Windows 10.

That is good to know, thank you. Just making sure I am legit, good software is worth paying for.

Next, how long should it take to “load” 50 albums off my NAS? I have a very good connection but yesterday it said “loading” all day long. THEN, when the album art showed up, it said “unable to play audio file” or something like that.

Thanks again

Have you seen the message I sent to you here? Unable to open an audio file for playback

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