Upgraging OS and version

Hi all, I have an old Audirvana (V2) on a mac mini and I’m considering upgrading to Studio and move it all on a Windows OS platform.

I don’t own a huge personal music collection and I’m using Tidal most of the time. I have setup many lists and favorites on Tidal over the years and I’m concerned about the following:
1)Will Tidal still have all the features it had on the older Audirvana version?
2)Will the sound be as good as on my mac mini?
3)Will I also have an app say for my win Surface? (now I have an app on my Ipad)

Sorry if this has been asked before.

  1. yes
  2. yes, if you use the correct settings in Audirvana Studio.
  3. The remote app is only for iOS and Android and does not work on MacOS and Windows. But you still can install Audirvana Studio on your Windows or Mac computer and control it with the remote app on your iPad or Android tablet or phone.

May I ask why do you want to move to a Windows platform?
AFAIK, you might have a slightly better SQ on Mac.
I would go for a Mac Mini with Apple M chip and AS for Mac.


That seems a bit biased and more your personal preference. Also it does not answer the OP’s question.

The OP mentioned “Upgrading OS” which in case switching to Windows might be more a side step than an upgrade.


Hi Andy, thanks for the reply.

Because my mac mini (and one of my pc) died and since I have to replace both, I thought I get a single mini pc to do both jobs I need it to do. What’s an AS for Mac?

Audirvana says it sounds has good on both OS. I’m a little confused.
Has anyone actually compared both?


AS means Audirvana Studio.
And yes Audirvana sounds realy good on Windows and Mac. I have not compared the Mac and Windows versions next to each other but a friend of mine has it on the Mac on a high end audio system and it sounds beatiful. I have Audirvana Origin (sounds the same as Audirvana Studio) at home on a high end system and it sounds equally good in my ears. Of course this is not a direct comparison, because the two homes and systems are different.

In you case I would not worry about sound qualitiy. Audirvana sounds very good on both Windows and Mac. Fact is: you are on a forum an people have preferences for Mac or Windows. So you are going to hear different opinions. Most of them are not based on objective facts but on bias.
In the end don’t let that confuse you and form your own opinion.

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Thanks Andy. I do also have a high end audio system, that is why this is very relevant to me. I was hoping to get an unbiased opinion from someone who perhaps experience both.

No confusion intended but I posted on the “Audirvana Studio vs Roon” thread a YT video where you can compare easily different software. In the end the conclusion of the people in the room was that Audirvana on Mac was superior to Audirvana on Windows.
Please compare for yourself.


I’ve used Audirvana Studio in the past on my Lenovo laptop running Windows 10, and later Windows 11.
Back then I’ve also used Audirvana Studio on my 2017 MacBook Air.

Early this year I’ve bought myself an M1 MacBook Pro which has replaced the Lenovo as my daily driver. It uses the same USB sound card and speakers that I’ve used on the Lenovo. And I can’t hear a difference here. Both sound crisp and clear.

My sound card is an Audiotrak Prodigy Cube 24/96 which connects to a set of PreSonus Eris E4.5 BT monitor speakers. Probably not the most expensive and top of the line stuff money can buy, but they do the job more than fine for me.

I’m not sure if more higher end equipment give different results, but in my case I’m happily using the Apple ecosystem. 2 MacBooks and an iPhone who work brilliantly together. The Audirvana Remote on my iPhone also works without an issue.

Thanks matt, I’m not biased either way, I owned both. I will look it up.

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