UPNP device disappeared from output selection

I use 2 different DAC services in uPnP mode in my audio setup.Both are on ethernet, not wifi. The DNP-730 is always “present” in the output selection, the other (an Onkyo AVR) appeared exactly once and then never again. Any suggestion to get it back on audirvana (mac + win, same behavior) ?

Hello @UweM, can you check if your Onkyo need to be set on “Network” in order to be seen in UPnP?

Hello Damian, there is no mention of UPnP in the settings, nor the user manual. It looks like it is an undocumented feature that, however reliably comes back after every reset.of the AVR. Does Aurdirvana save the DAC channels oder does it check for UPnP presence on every start of the software ? (The DNP is always present in the menu…)

What is the name of your Onkyo AVR?

Onkyo TX-RZ1100 that is

It looks like this device is not UPnP/DLNA compliant. You can stream from the internet or play content from a network share. To stream to the device you need to use AirPlay (or Bluetooth).

sure thing, I am afraid. But please help me to find the option in Audirvana to airplay the music to my AVR ! or do I maybe need to install some additional Sw on my Mac or PC ?

On your Mac it’s part of the system. For a PC you’ll need third party software.

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