uPNP device not found


I have a problem with Audirvana 1.3.3 on Windows 10. I have PC dedicated for audio playback. It has two network cards. First one is Intel I219 and it is integrated with motherboard. The second one is JCAT Femto network card. It is based on Intel I350 and has two ports.

In first setup everything works fine:

  1. Ayon NWT connected to one port on JCAT Femto Network card.
  2. Router connected to second port on JCAT Femto Network card.

In second setup Audirvana does not see uPNP Ayon NWT (in other programs such as JRiver everything works fine):

  1. Ayon NWT connected to one port on JCAT Femto Network card.
  2. Router connected to integrated with motherboard network card.

The second setup is very important for me - JCAT Network card does the best with only one connection to it.

Can you give me any clues what can I do with my problem?


The issue is that Audirvana Plus listens for UpnP on the first network adapter find. It must be selecting the wrong one there.
I’ll add network adapter selection in an upcoming release.
In the meantime, if you can disable the network adapters other than the one the UpnP devices are connected to, when launching Audirvana Plus, that’ll do it. You can reenable them just after.

I too on my PC server I have two Ethernet cards, one of which dedicated only to the connection with the Audio PC, for use with Jplay and Hqplayer.
I followed the advice and I was able to use Jplay femto with Audirvana, but the problem is that I can’t play music in DSD format, nor activating fixed upsampling to DSD (both 128 and 256) or completely disabling the upsampling, in this second case I can only reproduce PCM files.
My DAC is a T+A DAC 8 DSD, and due to the limitations of the Amanero driver (as explained in the Jplay manual), I can only set the values of DAC Link at 20 or 45 Hz in Jplay settings.
I tried both with KS and with ASIO (in JPLAY settings panel), but without success. The Clock is set to 0, 5ms.
Instead with Upplay and Jplay femto I can play native files in dsd128, for example.
Any ideas? Has anyone managed to use Audirvana+ for Windows with Jplay Femto in a dual PC system by setting upsampling to DSD?
Thanks in advance

Thank you damien for workaround. It works partially - upnp device is working, but A+ Remote not, so I must use computer instead of iPad to control Audirvana.

even after upgrade to v. 1.3.6. (1062), Audirvana+ for Windows doesn’t work with Jplay Femto by setting output in upsampling mode to dsd, or by playing dsf files, it works only with PCM files or output.

This is an issue in JPlay Femto.