UPnP not working with Optical Rendu

Since the latest updates, Studio and Origin don’t start playback via UPnP if an Optical Rendu is connected. Worked before. JRiver plays without problems. So it is again an Audirvana issue. I am getting tired with Audirvana.

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You get an error when you try to play to it?

No error is shown. It simply doesn’t start playback.

Are you using a Mac or Windows device when you have this issue?

I used a Windows device.

Ok, it doesn’t work on my Macbook Pro neither.
No error is shown.

Ok then can you try this test version and follow the process to get logs and send it at support@audirvana.com ?

Will do that over the weekend.

Just read your answer: I don’t use a NAS with my Mac. I just stream Quobuz and Highres Audio. No HDD or NAS connected. No local files.

I understand but the point with this test version, we can get logs and it can helps you determine the root cause of your issue :wink:

Logs are very good and important for troubleshooting as you clearly know. Many people think telemetry is bad but it’s not always. I think it’s a good idea to integrate in Audirvana software the posibility of logging and the option of sending the logs to Audirvana team for debugging, not just that “Debug Info”.

As long as the telemetry option is user enabled, and off by default. Then, yes, absolutely. :slight_smile:

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