UpnP protocol gapless?

When I use Audirvana 3.5 with the UPnP protocol, I see that the songs played are linked with a stop. That is, the UPnP protocol is not gapless. I specify that when I listen to the same work in reading: NAS-> Moon180Mind-> DAC, the pieces are linked in gapless mode. Should I make a setting on my MacBook Pro?

It all depends on your network player, namely on how its manufacturer has implemented the UPnP Media Renderer feature.
Gapless playback is defined in the standard, and is used by Audirvana.

But although some players firmware is correctly implementing playback fetching data from a UPnP Media Server, they can still have some buggy UPnP Media Renderer implementation.
You’ll then want to ask your network player manufacturer if a firmware update is available or in the works to correctly implement gapless playback in UPnP Media Renderer mode.