UPNP still broken in Audirvana Origin 2.3.2 (20302)?

My env:
Back end
Mac Mini - Intel - Ventura (13.4)
Audirvana Origin 2.3.2 (20302)

Front end:
Raspberry Pi 3b
Moode 8.3.2 (fresh install)

Wireless network
USB out from RP into Cyrus DAC

Plays a few tracks (more than previous versions) then stops.
/var/log/mpd is full of
Jun 02 16:54 : alsa_output: Decoder is too slow; playing silence to avoid xrun

A common issue with the mpd deamon, many posts for various audio players reporting the same error message and playback interuptions. If you type in “alsa_output: Decoder is too slow; playing silence to avoid xrun” to google you will find links to various discussion music player forums with issues with the mpd deamon. Try some of the mpd settings suggested which have solved the issue for a few users. Terminal use to edit files will be required.

Audirvana never worked well with Moode.
Try other distributions instead. Ropiee XL for instance.

Thanks @Djm1960. I had tried a bunch of those varied hacks but not got anywhere. Then I noticed that 2.3.2 referenced UPnP specifically so was hoping that all my problems would go away.
Thanks @Cloclo. Your comment that Audirvana and Moode never played well has been useful. My desire to stick to Moode rather than one of the other distros was based around the easy access to 320k bitrate BBC radio streams. Off the back of your comment I’ve decided to address that requirement elsewhere and have switched to RoPieee and I have to say that it’s great. Thanks for the tip.

I’m happy that you found a solution. It has an additional benefit.
Moode has a good sound, if you play local files. But for some reason, it’s not as good, when you stream to it as an end-point.
RopieeeXL has a better sound when you run it on an end-point to which you stream.