UPNP supports choosing native DSD !!

A very irritating question, I checked it and it was discussed more than a year ago: https://community.audirvana.com/t/can-audirvana-stream-original-dsd-file-via-dlna/12030/23,
But the problem still exists which there is no problem on jriver or foobar2000.

As long as the default UPNP is used, the DAC will not display DSD instead of 384KHz, and the sense of hearing will drop a lot. Using foobar2000 will not! When I use this method, DSD will be displayed normally, but each song must be played normally after dragging the progress bar, and the sound quality has improved a lot.

Yes this is very irritating indeed.
You will likely find the answer to this question also very irritating. :grimacing:

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