Upnp to Minx Xi


I installed Audirvana on Windows 10. My Minx Xi player is visible in devices - network. But I can’t select the player. Looks like grayed out…

Should it be possible to stream to a upnp enabled player like the Minx Xi ?
What’s the difference in devices between the DAC and network section ?

Thanks for any help !

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Hello @wimk,

When you want to select your device, do you have a track playing? You need to Stop (square button) to be able to change the audio output.

Hi Damien,

Sorry for the late reply, missed yours…
I’m not playing music when I want to select the device. I can select my headset or speakers in the dac section. In the network section, the Minx Xi is visible, but I’m unable to select it.

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Have you tried to do reset of your network setting of your Minx Xi?

I switchen from wifi to wired. As far as I know, there´s no option on the Minx to reset the network setting.

In the Settings you’ll find the “Factory reset”.

Did a factory reset, but now my Audirvana trial is expired :frowning:
Any way to extend this ?