UpNP with Allo USBridge


I have a dumb question, but I am considering purchasing an Allo USBridge Signature (with Mo0de installed) to use as an endpoint for Audirvana. My question is, do I need to have the ports on my router open to use/enable UpNP? I have security concerns about UpNP (and ports being open to the Internet), but I am not sure those concerns are warranted here or are applicable to UpNP when using with Audirvana and the USBridge. If someone could chime-in and clarify, I’d appreciate it. Thanks!

Inside your network you don’t need to open any ports.

You’re talking about the ability of the UPnP protocol to open firewall ports snd configure port forwarding automatically on the router (if this feature is enabled on the router). This has nothing to do with audio playback.

Thank you! I couldn’t really see why that would be needed for using Audirvana and the bridge, but I didn’t fully understand UpNP, and when I searched for information about it on the net I kept reading about the security concerns and about closing the ports to the router (and changing the default password, which I did). Anyway, thanks again for clearing that up for me! I appreciate it!

One other dumb question: If I have my 2010 Mac Mini and with an external USB HD (with my FLAC library for Audirvana) attached via ethernet to an old Airport Extreme router and then run an ethernet cable from my the Airport Extreme to connect it to the USBridge and connect the USBridge to my DAC via USB from the clean USB out on the USBridge and use Audirvana in UpNP…will the FLAC files be carried by the ethernet cable through the bridge and to my DAC, or does using UpNP make the files go wirelessly?

It will use whatever method you have. If you’re connected via Ethernet cable, it will go through the cables. Also one of the devices can be wired and the other wireless, it doesn’t matter.

Gotcha. Cool. Thanks again!