UPNP workaround once and for all

Follow up on tracks skipping even with a cabled connection to DAC: I am using a multibit Schiit bifrost2 DAC and every now and then, AS moves randomly to next track before it’s end. If it starts it then does it systematically until I restart manually a track. I don’t use oversampling due to multibit DAC. I will endure this for the year of my subscription but if this is not fixed by then, I will bid my farewell and move to Roon.

Are you playing local content or streaming?

Hi bitracer, I am mostly streaming from both Tidal and Qobuz. Only rarely do I play local tracks as I don’t have many albums. It seems like it is triggered the first time when bitrate changes between tracks. Once triggered, it happens very frequently. It doesn’t seem specific to particular tracks either…

Have you tried with few local test tracks? Just to reproduce this behaviour.

To test. If you set Qobuz to lossless, can you listen to a playlist without any problems?

I will get back at you. Thanks for tips!

So, I use an Asus vivo mini in headless mode with the remote. When I reboot, the problem completely disappears and reappears eventually days later if the machine was allowed some idling. Power settings: HD always on, computer always on, but I now also changed USB to always on in advanced power seetings… Will see what happens…

Also other platforms has sometimes problems with upnp. When I’m using Roon with RooUpNp bridge sometimes the play action fails on some upnp error. The difference is that while Roon allows to repeat the play action after error occured, Audirvana and Audirvana Studio browser handles somehow differently the repetition of the action in the case of an error. I don’t know how and why. But the actions from the play queue works well also in the case of play failure.

The best would be to reimplement the AS browser to handle the play action after a upnp failure as a completely new action. Just like the play queue works. This would be a decent solution for upnp problems.

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Agree. In my case i have dismissed the whole upnp approach event via Ethernet splitter / cable. I am not putting the blame on AS or whichever but really on a very loosely enforced Upnp standard by the upnp alliance. ‘Feels to me almost like a lost battle from the start.