Upsamling to dsd 512 on windows 10

I have been in the sound for 14 years, I am 63 and I assure you that if you look closely if there are differences, the dop tested many times sounds myself

DoP is pure DSD. If you hear a difference, it’s not because of the source signal. Search YouTube for Ted Smith. He explains it pretty well.

I do not need Ted or anyone I am enough I alone see that you do not and I am tired of the AGUR theme

Oscar1, you’re relatively inexperienced and very arrogant. There’s no reason to continue this thread any further.

arrogant if inexperienced I can assure you that no and demonstrate The movement is demonstrated by walking

Oscar1 has the point. If a product, especially a paid program, states in its spec it supports certain features, the users who purchased it expect Audirvana delivers them. I faced similar situation that Audirvana Support claimed my Chord Qutest might be overheated in some playback issues but could not provide any supporting evidence. This is NOT professional.

I’ll agree, but within reason.

when you buy a car you get it with 4 wheels not with 3 within reason

Maybe you get it with 4 wheels, but not everything is guaranteed to be working. If you ever owned a car you’ll know what I mean.

and you say that you do not belong to audirvana because I do not understand how someone can defend nu software that has so many failures I have several audio programs and none gives me problems like audirvana eg hqplayer

Why do you bother with Audirvana then? Use the other software and live happily ever after.

because I paid it is my money and I do what I want

It ain’t worth the trouble if it’s as bad as you’re saying. I’m saying this just for your own sake. You’ll be much happier with other software that works perfectly and doesn’t give you any problems.

The one that has to work well is this and don’t worry about my Argentina

Can you send your Debug info while you are connected to your qutest?

hello all the programs that are from windows or come from linux work perfectly and if there is any problem, they solve it is their work the client has made theirs PAY

Hello @oscar1, I do effectively want to make Audirvana working properly for you but i need more information that come from your DAC, that’s why i would like to have your debug info while your are connected to your qutest.

Rob Watts quote from Head-Fi forum:

Just to clear things up, as there are two terms for “native” DSD. DoP is native DSD, in that it is a protocol to transmit pure one bit native DSD. Native DSD is just the original DSD data completely unchanged.

But native (no italics on native) DSD transmission is an ASIO USB protocol where the native DSD is transmitted with only the DSD data - no DoP headers, no 0 bit packing. Since only the data is transmitted, it is much more efficient - and it is the only way to transmit DSD512 on USB.

Chord DAC’s can receive both protocols: native ASIO for native DSD and DoP for native DSD. To transmit DSD512 you must use the ASIO drivers in native (i.e. not DoP) mode.

Yes I know it is confusing.

On the Mac, the only option is DoP as ASIO driver is not available for MacOS. That supports up to DSD256.

I have the asio, it is not confusing and I keep telling you the same thing the other day if you have to make an exchange stop being pure and leave me alone

I have dealt with Oscar1 twice in my life.

Once as a QA Manager for a software company in the 90s and latter in the early 2000s whilst running my own software company and handling support requests directly.

Trust me, you will never please the likes of an Oscar1…never. They navigate this world with spite and disdain.

Great product by the way. Keep up the great work!

A very happy Audirvana customer.