Upsamling to dsd 512 on windows 10

Hi. Yesterday I downloaded Audirvana (free trial for windows 10). I have a DAC - Chord QuTest. In the settings of AppSampling I choose DSD 512 but this particular setting is not working although in the list of supported formats this format (DSD 512) is present. The only working setting om ny pc is DSD 256. The same problem is present on pc with Chord TT2. BTW in the Roon program the DSD 512 is working properly. Please advice before i will buy your product.

Hello @11117, Can you send me a copy of the “Debug Info” while you are connected to your Chord? You can get it in Audirvana Settings>General>Debug Info

Note: By clicking on the Debug Info Audirvana button automatically copies all its content, all you have to do is paste it in response to this message.

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I’m using Win10 and Chord Qutest, Dop1.1, ASIO driver, Audirvana cannot play native DSD512 file correctly (native DSD256 file ok) and see it as 32/1536 kHz Stereo file. Seems having issue with Chord dac/ASIO driver integration.

hello I just bought chord qutest audirvana says it only reads 3840000 and not compatible with DSD with jriver foobar HQPLAYER, chord reads 768000 and dsd 512 how is it possible that audirvana doesn’t? .Although it does not surprise me with musical fidelity, he told me the same thing, the truth is that audirvana is a real disaster, so I hardly use it anymore

This is indeed first world audio problem.

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that is the problem of audirvana that is crap and expensive

You really believe you’ll get better sound by upsampling to DSD 512?!?

no but audirvana says that my dac is not compatible with dsd and that is not true because it is if I want my dsd files in dsd I can not because your program denies something that others do not and if I want to reset 512 is my option you like aa you or not something that I do not care about your opinion in that regard

Why bother with Audirvana then? Foobar2000 is free as in beer.

Yes, but a payment program should be well planned, not like this one, which in sonid is not bad but in everything else it fails. Everything that happens from mac to windows has many failures, but the reason why it ties other than in sound but what…

Sorry, but I can’t agree with your conclusions. Just because it doesn’t support DSD512, or whatever feature, doesn’t make it automatically bad.

Like every piece of software, Audirvana has it’s own set of quirks, bugs and frankly some features just work better with competing products.

Take it for what it is. Report issues and hope the one you care about matters to few more people. You have always the option to switch to a competing product.

Why would resampling to DSD do any good whatsoever?

I do not want resampling I want you to read dsd and be able to see the capabilities of the dac that are added like other programs such as hqplayer or jriver

I can understand the annoyance when the device is not properly identified. You can always override this. It will not stop you from playing DSD.

how ? and thanks I don’t know how to do it any other way

Just select DoP 1.0 or 1.1.

thanks but having native dsd is not desirable

It’s the same thing. DoP is just a transport protocol. It packages DSD stream in PCM words. It doesn’t convert it to PCM. The stream remains pure DSD.

when something goes through several processes, it stops being pure, it is elementary. That is what you say because you have no other solution to all your failures, but you know that it is not so.

I’m just stating a fact. This has absolutely no effect on sound quality and the transfer is bit-perfect.

I’m user of Audirvana, just like you. I don’t have any commercial interest with the company.