Upsample to 132K

Damien and Team Audirvana,

I just found a jumper inside of my ancient MSB Gold Link III dac which allows the user to switch from a maximum upsample rate of 96K to 132K. Previously, I had determined that music upsampled by software (Audirvana) sounds better than if upsampled via hardward (MSB), so I used the Audirvana Custom Upsampling option to have all music upsampled to 96K. So far, so good. Now, I would like to set the Custom Upsampling option to 132K, but the option only give 96K and 172K as possible selections.

Could you to add a 132K option to both the Maximum PCM Sample Rate (on the Audio System pane) and 132K on the Custom Upsampling (under Forced Upsampling on the Audio Filter pane)?

Thanks in advance,


“Bump” - Just wanted to mention this again as the new version is getting finalized…

132KHz ?? This is quite uncommon. Do you mean 192kHz ?

I know it is quite uncommon, but I am using a great sounding older DAC (MSB Gold Link) that allows upsampling to 132KHz by changing a hardware jumper. I can use their hardware to upsample, but hardware upsampling, even to 132K, sounds harsh compared to 96K via software upsampling. I don’t know how much trouble this would be to do it, but if it is not too much trouble, I would appreciate it and use it. By the way Damien, thanks for this amazing program and your intelligent and systematic addition of features. Can’t wait for you to blow my mind with the next version. You are the man!