Upsampling local MP3 file

A question regarding “local MP3 files of 44 kHz. How is it possible to feed an original source with say missing bits of information and upsample it to say 88 kHz?

It doesn’t seem to make sense to me? How is this possible that Audirvana can find/input the missing bits/info to a song on a local file?


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It makes up new bits, it can’t come up with the missing ones.

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Think about a picture when you upscale it. Except the most recent AI-based which have real reconstruction of picture, all other upscaling methods use various recipes to allow your picture to look bigger without having visible pixels. Upsampling works a bit like that, with sliders to optimise the result (we even use common vocabulary sometimes such as anti-aliasing). It will not revert the alterations compression created (this isn’t a remastering function). I don’t know if it’s very useful on heavily compressed files, people usually use that with lossless content (like FLAC). But sometimes, a higher sound resolution can help an audio equipment to work better (despite the sent audio signal not being in a better quality).

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