Upsampling to DSD does not work with Rose RS130

When will this be solved? When using UPnP to the RS130, the DAC shows that it is receiving DSD but there is no sound, and Audirvana Studio gets stuck at time 0.00.

Hi @bodiebill,

There is an ongoing issue with ROSE we are dealing with them at the time we speak. We are waiting for their analysis of the situation and hope they will be able to narrow down what is causing this issue as soon as possible.

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I noticed same for R250A, I upscaled and can’t playback audio through my DAC but plays okay with my connected Wireless KEF speakers (no upscaling).

I’m having the same problem, when will DSD upsampling work with Audirvana and Rose RS130?

Works fine with PCM, but with DSD set the track doesn’t move beyond 0.0

Hi @Nuforce,

I’m sorry that you still experiencing this issue, they sent me an email earlier this month (January 8th) as it is still under review on their end. I don’t know when they will fix this.

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