Upscaling Issues -

I am using Audirvana Mac Version 3.5.28 (3558)
on a headless Mac Mini macOS 10.14.3 with 16384MB RAM

This is connected via wired ethernet to a Naim Uniti Atom which has had all network updates applied.

Whenever I select an upscaling option other than Power of 2, the track playing will quit anywhere between 40 seconds to 6 seconds before the end and skip to the next track. I have tried a number of workarounds, including changing the allocated memory etc, yet no solution.
Due to earlier issues with Audirvana and Naim, I was put in touch with the Software development team at Naim and the head honcho there had me run a wireshark trace on the network traffic. His thoughts were as follows: >

“but I think this is to do with stream length. aka - the declared file length at the start vs the length of stream delivered is different and that’s annoying it”.

I can successfully run Roon on the same Network, same equipment, same library source etc and upscale to DSD128 with no issues so am wondering if there is a possible fix for this.

I tried to attach an debug log to this post however, it made the file too big. Happy to provide that info if needed and indeed, take a new Wireshark trace if necessary.

Hello @mangojam, Which option you choose in the upsampling option that caused this issue? The option Power of 2 actually work for your DAC am I right?

Hi Damian. Power of 2 works well, as does I believe x2. Selecting ‘Device maximum frequency’ produces the error as does DSD upscale.
The sound timbre and quality on DSD is perfect for my set up however, unfortunately unusable. I can play native DSD files successfully (if not using upscale).