Uptating and reinstallation fail - can not use Audirvana any more

I was requested to update from 1.3 to 3.5. but this did not work.
So I deactivatet my key and 24 hours later Iwanted to download version 3.5. to install it. All of my attempts are ending in the message "ms-app installer is missing an I can`t use audirvana any more. My win 10 is the newest version (1903) and and I have an Amd 4 processor mainbooard which means, my software and the hardware are up to date. I also had serious installation problems with my second licence on another computer about one week ago. Appears to me tha the security mode of Damien is in such a paranoid mode that this software is not user friendly at all.
I am totally nerved by this program promising lifetime license validity. Activated it in June 2019. This is the liefetime of an insect.