USB direct connection missing

Just had to restart my whole network for the first timer since AS 2.3 upgrade with new Network Refresh feature.

The direct USB connection from my Mac Mini to my Melco/Devialet no longer shows up - only a UPNP connection. No matter what I do I cannot re-establish my preferred direct USB method of listening. Any suggestions very gratefully received.

MIDI settings on your mini perhaps?

Does this combo show up in your system / audio setting on your Mac, or is it only missing from inside Audirvana?
What macOS are you using? You can try to plug your USB cable into a hub instead of plugging it directly to your Mac.

Thanks Holger and OffRoade for the suggestions - I eventually worked out the Melco/Devialet was not showing in the System Info on the Mac - more worrying than an Audirvana problem.

I connected and reconnected a few times until suddenly it was there again in the AS setup. I suspect the Mac Mini USB - iFi Nano Galvanic isolator - Melco - Devialet USB is quite a chain to be recognised and needs breaking and reconnecting at the Mac end to get things to appear.

False alarm on the 2.3 Network front.


My USB transmission path to my DAC passes through iGalvanic 3.0… and sometimes (rarely) the DAC does not register with macOS, because the components have lost their hand-shake synchronization with the Mac… I shut-down Audirvana, turn-off my DAC and disconnect the USB connection to my Mac, reconnect the USB connection wait for iGalvanic to settle and then power-up the DAC and then open Audirvana… this will do the trick almost every-time… it happens occasionally… Sometimes I may have to restart the computer.

My audio transmission path goes like this:

MacBook Pro → Thunderbolt 3/4 output → Thunderbolt 3/4 PCIe chassis → USB 3.0 card (out) → iGalvanic 3.0 → USB 2.0 → DAC

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A very helpful observation - if (when) this happens again I’ll try the order you suggest - thanks.