USB or UPnP for best results?

Hi all.

According to your experience, you get the best audio results connecting your Mac to DAC with a direct USB 2.0 connection or via Ethernet (UPnP) ?

You started a very similar thread here:

You posted that the USB solution seems more enjoyable to you.

Did you change your mind?

I posted again because I’m not so sure and I would like to share your experience

The SQ of the direct USB connection is dependant on the source computer where SQ of UPnP is dependant somewhat on the source computer and the UPnP endpoint. So there are many variables. The direct USB connection seems to be more stable.
I use direct USB and I am happy with this solution but others are using UPnP and like it as well.

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There are some streamers that can have hiccups with UPnP. What I’m using now is rock solid stable but it’s my own DIY setup and not everyone will want to go to that trouble. I think it sounds better in my system than straight USB from the source computer, but your impression in your system may be different. Do you have a friend with a streamer you can try out?

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