USBRIDGE SIGNATURE and audirvana playback issues

I have a allo with diet pi and my Audirvana detects the streamer. However I can’t get the playback to function. Play just shows the song goto 1 second. Then stops there. Also dsd is an issue… I have my sound card set as USB dac In pi

Hello @Kenneth_Moreira,

I have removed all your computers from the license database.
You can now activate up to two computers.

To install Audirvana on your computer, you can proceed as follows:

  1. install 3.5 version :
  2. unlock it by loading your license key

I didn’t have an issue with licencing it played back fine with directly to dac. It’s only an issue with going to the streamer. I’ll try just reactivating my licence on the laptop that is acting as a host before the allo.

System goes laptop server, allo, d90

Try to install Volumio or RoPieee XL on the bridge.