Use Audirvana on one computer to remotely control another computer

Hi everybody, I have Audirvana installed on two Mac computers, one desktop and one laptop.
Only the laptop is connected to a DAC and Hi-Fi system so I use that as a player.
I would like to control “remotely” Audirvana from one computer to the other, basically control the laptop from the desktop, the same way I would do with the Remote App but instead of doing it from an iPhone or iPad I would like to do from the desktop with the full blown Audirvana software.
Maybe this is not possible currently (?) or maybe I just don’t know how to do it.
Anyone has any idea and can help with this?
Thanks in advance

Currently not possible … but you could use a Remote Desktop application like TeamViewer on your laptop to control Audirvana on the desktop … a sort of workaround …

Thank you Stefano. That’s what I thought. It would be a nice feature to add though.
I have used “Share Screen” on the Mac but it’s not the same thing and extremely slow.
We hope one day this capability will be added to Audirvana.

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You can use the mobile device emulator and load the Audirvana Remote to control Audirvana running on another system. It’s a bit convoluted, but it would get the job done.

Thank you bitracer, will try that.

Screen Sharing is by far the easiest option.


I use VNC connect, it works correctly and you don’t need a password for each connection


Yes screen sharing from Another mac and vnc for the iPhone…

I’ve used TeamViewer for exactly this purpose, and it works fine.

Thank you all for the suggestions!
Much appreciated.

Use Jump Desktop in both Macs and connects with no problem

Thank you dlgarcia, this is possibly the best and easiest solution.

Screen sharing is built into the Mac OS. It’s all you need. Go to the Finder menu and select the Go menu. Scroll down to the last item: Connect to Server. In the window that opens select Browse to find your music playing computer. You can share the screen and with newer OSs you can also do file sharing. You’ll need to enter the user name and password for the computer you’re connecting to and voila. You’ll see it’s desktop on your computer screen and you can fully control the remote computer.