Use equalizer with DAC + USB 2.0


I wonder if there’s a possibility to manage the sound in Audirvana. I have good quality, using a external DAC (Cambridge Audio DacMagic 100) connected with an excellent USB 2.0 cable to my MacBook Pro. In some tracks though, the voice is pretty sharp and for my taste there’s a little to much treble sometimes. Especially when there’s a lot of S’s in the lyrics.

Is there an option, like an equalizer or something else, to manage this?

Thanks, Rudi

Hello @Rudidepudi,

You can use a equalizer plugin, we have an example on our wesbite:

Got that eq plugin, but I’m not too savvy with plugins. How do I enable it?

Hello @Lloyd_Cadrain, in the audio output settings of Audirvāna Studio, you should go here: