User Interface Suggestions

I use Audirvana with my PC connected to a 55" Flat Panel TV so I am sitting about 10 feet (3M) away. Many of the areas on screen that I need to click on to get to another function or very tiny also, the scroll bars are much to thin. I am sure many users would appreciate the ability to modify the interface so we can get a good 3 meter experience.

One other quick question; any thoughts on integrating with Amazon HD Music?

Thank you.

That’s why you have the remote app for the mobile or tablets.

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I don’t have that option. My Android tablets are running an out of date OS and I am not an Apple fan so, the windows interface is my best option.

You know that iOS remote can control Audirvana on Windows, and vice versa?

Your Android tablet use an older version of Android 5?

Yes. It is 4.4.2. I typically just use my big screen for the display. That is why I asked about the scroll bars being wider. Also in the tracks screen the sort by artist ascending/descending arrow is so very small. Miner things at best. Despite my apparent blindness, I do love the program and will continue to use it. Thank you for all your hard work Damien.

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