User Manual for Latest version

Having just purchased Audirvana (although I haven’t been sent an activation key yet) I was wondering if there was a User Manual for the latest version? I know that most of the functionality is straight forward, but as a newbie I would like to be able to reference a manual to ensure I am getting the best out of the software. I see from Google searches that previous versions had manuals so would be grateful if you could let me know if one exists for the latest version.

Hello @KEW, thank you for your interest in Audirvana :slight_smile:

There is no manual for Audirvana 3.5 but if you need explanation on specific part of Audirvana or settings like upsampling feel free to ask in the forum and we could answer you.

Note that we will add in-app tutorials for a future version of Audirvana

Many thanks for your reply Damien3. I’ll have a look through the forum over the weekend when I have a bit of time.

A manual would be fantastic! In place help is nice too, but a manual would be best.


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