User Manual Inside Audirvana

Hi Damien, i have seen many complaints about that there is no manual available which can explain many posible difficulties. Perhaps you can can be pro-active by putting on every different (screen) text a question mark!!! As soon as somebody hits the question mark an explanation concerning this text is direct readable.
You don’t have to make a manual anymore and give you a chance to be more flexible by needed “updates”.
So far, i am very happy with the soundquality provided by your Audirvana but missing explanations about the possible choices to make for playback quality.
I know you are still very busy to have finally only one Audirvana software version which is functional for both Windows and Mac and probably later also for other systems like Linux and Raspberry Pi distro’s, so my idea to use ? for direct help, is probably also easier!
Any way “keep up” the good work, you are still going strong!!!
Best regards,

Hi, I downloaded the update Audirvana 3.5 and find other than the basic play/stop functions totally confusing. It would be great if you published a manual on the softing and library features of the software. The sound quality is excellent and it’s particularly frustrating to not know how to take full advantage of this product.


Damien, I really miss any explanation how to set the parameters; I found some on the internet, tweaked a bit (vous savez les gars sont comme ça), but later did not know how the standard settings would sound because I simply cannot find it anywhere. And there is no explanation what each control does.

Hi alkuiper, the only way to find out your “standard” settings … revoke your license … uninstall Audirvana … (make sure that the two .SQL files from your Audirvana music library are eraised) … and reinstall Audirvana again!!!

Don 't forget to save your library before you start doing this!!!