Using Audirvana for portable music players

I’m wondering if it’s possible to use Audirvana to drag music into (and create playlists in) a portable music player, and if so, which devices are supported by/compatible with Audirvana.

Before my Intel iMac died a while ago, I ran Retroactive iTunes on it and used it to manage music on my iPod Classic, but now with an M1 iMac I’ve given up on iTunes and don’t suppose my iPod will work with Audirvana. So I figured I’d be in the market for a different portable player if there is one that can be managed entirely through Audirvana.

Thanks in advance

I don’t believe Audirvana supports portable music players at all. In the past I have used Swinsian on my Mac, which supported the old iPods. Not sure if it still does, as it’s not listed on the site.

But you can trial it for free to see if that works.

Thanks a lot, Swinsian seemed a lot more suited to my needs than Audirvana.

If the developers are interested, Swinsian won me over from Audirvana because of this among other things:

  • device support (could manage iPod Classic library)
  • no issues with duplicate or triplicate tracks
  • could order playlists freely (btw numerical order is off in Audirvana: 1, 2, 21, 3 etc)
  • could search whole library on all criteria simultaneously (artist, album, genre etc)

Though I really liked Audirvana’s interface and audiophile stuff, it’s secondary to library management and iPod compatibility to me personally. I’ll happily commit to an Audirvana subscription in the future if that’s addressed :slight_smile:

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