Using Audirvana with Cyrus Soundkey

Looking for a little advice.

I’m currently using Audirvana through my laptop with a Cyrus Soundkey.

The issue I’m having is having one or two seconds of whitenoise on the first track of an album or playlist. It also happens when im playing my favourite tracks.

This mostly happens when I’m streaming (currently using highresaudio).

I’ve tried with and without upsampling.

Thoughts or advice?

Thank you.

Are you on a Mac or PC?

I am using a pc

I feel like - I forgot to mention it in the original post - that the DAC may not be compatible as I don’t think I have the problem when I use the headphone socket as the output.

Have you tried installing the driver?

Do you mean for the DAC?

Yes, for the dac. Get it from the manufacturer’s site.

It’s just a plug and play.

I think I need to upgrade asap. Probably gonna buy a Topping E30 when I have some spare cash.

I have an old Soundkey which I haven’t used with Audirvarna - if I have time today will test.

I’ve tested and I also have problems with the Soundkey so it looks like a compatibility issue - I get a kind of harsh discordant noise a couple of seconds into the beginning of some tracks, like a phasing sound. On close listening with tracks I know well, there seems to be discordant noises in the background too, as if certain instruments have been replaced with a noise. It’s not unlistenable but definitely doesn’t sound correct.

I don’t use the HighResAudio service but I tried with some Qobuz HiRes and Tidal MQA tracks.

I upgraded to a iFi hipdac a few months ago over the Soundkey and the difference between the two is very pronounced, have never had any issues using it with Audirvana too. If you can push to getting a new DAC, I’d highly recommend it.

Thank you for testing. Much appreciated.

I had a feeling that that it was the DAC. Time to start saving!

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