Using huge amount of memory

i had to delete the sql file because the app was draining my RAM

i do have a lot of music … but when i updated to the latest version, (this may have happened earlier) i noticed that my added folder in the library settings was duplicated… so two instances of the folder syncing… which spiralled into a RAM death toilet…

when i removed the folder in the app… it seemed like it removed it successfully… but when i added my folder again… boom… two instances of the folder again… and repeat ram leak…

so i’ve had to delete the sql file in user/library/app support … now i’ve lost all my playlists too… starting from scratch :sob:

i have 32GB of ram and i mean ALL of it was gone… and when i force-quit the app… I was only using 6GB

after deleting the sql file… i’m at 50% of folder sync and currently using 1.6GB of ram (reported from activity monitor) … so that’s better… so far anyway…

is there any way of deleting the sql file without deleting all my playlists? i’ve lost all the smart playlists and have to create them again.

i’ve had to delete the sql a few times so this is annoying

Export your playlists first, then reimport them after if you have to do that. Expport is one at a time, but import can be all select at once.

Everyday my database is copied somewhere else for a backup copy if i had to use it a week after for some reason, it just misses the last entries i’ve made

that just creates m3u files… they’re no longer smart :slight_smile:
i would have to create the smart playlists again… it’s first world problems, i know, but i wish i could export the smart playlist formulas

Sorry for you, but for myself also deleting the database erase the playlists… not good… but having made a backup of a good database (copy that file and put it somewhere else) then when you have a bug you just copy that backup in the database folder of Audirvana whe it is close… then restart Mac…

i had a ghost Cd just 2 days ago… put a new Cd that i already have but different version, edit it, remove the old one from my external Hard drive, but it was still in Audirvana window… couldn’t remove it or delting it or move it to trash… yes that is a bug… BUT :slight_smile: i use my backup made two days before… just replace the database and all was good again, the resync made it disappeared, i only lost my play counts for the last 2 days of albums i listened.

For the playlists as i said save it when they are good (export)… i can still create a smart playlist with the menu + sign and all my smart playlists as seen in picture are still smart since beginning, till today… when i put a new CD, it goes to recent then it spread also in the Year playlist and also the Genre…

Don’t trust Audirvana or Apple, backup! i still have my serial, any help i pasted always to help, my database, my playlists… All that work, i don’t want to lose :slight_smile: