Using Origin and Studio at the same time?

I have been happily using Studio on two computers but dislike switching activation back and forth. I have a large collection of files on external drives attached to my desktop and is connected via coax to a DAC in my listening room. My laptop in the listening room is connected via USB to another DAC which gives slightlysuperior sound via USB.
My question: if I buy Origin can I run it at the same time on one computer and Studio on the other? That way I switch computers via the Audirvana remote on my iPad depending on which files I want to access without the inconvenience of deactivating one computer to listen to the other.

I’ve went a different route. And using 2 separate e-mail addresses I have taken 2 subs on Studio. So I can use Studio on both my MacBooks at the same time.

Not sure how, but if I add favorites on one Studio, the other will pick them up as well after a restart of AS.

Thanks for your reply. One of my computers has almost all of my local files, so I thought getting Origin on that one would be more frugal, as long as I can use a separate sign-in.