Using same music data on 2 macs

For job reasons i have a second home during the week. Want to use my audirvana there. What do i have to do? Copy my HDD with the music on it, install audirvana on the 2nd computer, and … ?

Please note that i did a lot of manual work concerning metadata in my audirvana and don´t want to lose this information. So to simply let audirvana scanning the copied music-HDD will not be sufficient, i think.

Any ideas?


In addition to what you have already indicated you will also need a current copy of your database file to copy over to your additional setup. Going forward, as you make changes to your primary setup you will want to copy any new additions to a flash drive along with a current copy of the database.

For my secondary setup the folders are not synched - they show up as offline BUT as long as the files/folders are exactly where and how they are from your primary you are all set to enjoy.

Thank you very much - this helps!

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