Using Tidal through Audirvana is affecting the sound quality?

I hope someone can help me…My DAC has a display that shows the quality of the file that I’m playing. When I stream master quality files directly from Tidal, the DAC will show 88 or 96khz, however, If I use Audirvana to stream from Tidal, the DAC’s display will always show 44khz.

Am I not using the right Audirvana sound configuration? What should be the right way of setting it up? I have tried but nothing changes.

I am using a Mcbook pro and my DAC is a Topping D10.


In the DAC settings, set it to Not MQA.

Thank you @bitracer but still no change. :confused: Does this look correct?

It‘s correct. Make sure you’re playing MQA file though.

You can download some sample MQA files from here:

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Check if your sample rate limit is not set to 44.1 kHz, if this is the case choose a higher frequency.