Using two PCs without all the logging on and warnings

Hi. I use Studio on two PCs. Mostly just one (MINIX), but sometimes another (ORCUS). Point is, they’re in different rooms so I go back and forth a lot. What I have to do now is login and go through the whole “you have been disconnected” or whatever whenever I do that. That’s getting really old lately and making the whole experience just not very much fun anymore. I just want to launch the app on whatever computer and listen to music. Instead, I have to login, get reminded - again - about annoying licensing stuff, just to start using the app. I use other hires music players and they don’t make me do that. I just sit down, launch the app, and listen to music. I can’t do that with Studio.

So, is there a way I can streamline this? Like I said, I just want to launch the app on one of the two computers and have it start the correct way each time without much input from me, just like all of my other players. Is there no way to do that?


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It’s not build in as far as I can tell. I did like that option when I was using Roon when switching cores. The new computer offered to disconnect the other at startup. Easy peasy.

I’ve ended up getting 2 subscriptions for Audirvana Studio. One for each of my Mac’s. So I don’t have to login/off all the time, since they are both in different rooms.

So far it’s a no go for this level of ease of use. You are not the first person to point this out as you see @sandsOfArrakis has opted to have two subscription’s. Hopefully an update soon will rectify this issue.

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