V 3.5.33 cannot sign in to Tidal

Tonight I updated to V 3.5.33 from 3.5.29 (I obviously haven’t been keeping up on the updates). I was required to sign back into Tidal but I was unable to, only getting the error “your OAuth2 client configuration is not correct. Please check with the TIDAL partner support”.

I was able to use Time Machine to go back to my older version and was able to re-login to TIDAL from 3.5.29, so it’s working for now.

I couldn’t find any way to step through the prior missed updates, thus I am unable to update past 3.5.29 and use TIDAL without additional assistance.

Hello @Billjuv, what is the default browser you are using?

I use Safari as my browser. It’s on an old Mid-2010 Mac mini running El Capitan 10.11.6 used only for music

Do you have another web browser to try with? Like Firefox or Chrome? You need to copy the login link you have in Safari after you click on Connect in Audirvana and paste it in Firefox or Chrome.

I just installed Firefox and that worked. Thanks Damien!


Stay safe

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