"Various Artists" are all being placed in the "B" section

I am sorting my albums by “artist”. For the albums that have mixed artists these are being sorted as “Various Artists”

Capture c

As you can see all my various artist albums are being inserted in the “B” section.

Capture a
Capture b

I cannot see any obvious reason for this… :exploding_head:

Anybody able to offer fix ?

Try choising Artist instead of Album Artist, they might have different tags

Seems you can only select “album artists” for the sort criteria dropdown.

then click an VA album and click on track and see in the panel if it is also Various Artist there or something else… or does it have a composer name…

Also when you click and album cover… you see the track there… but click the name of the Artist up there near the cover image… then you will see on the tag panel the artist name and the sort as field… might be different there too

I am missing something here. How can this config show up under the “b” section

when i click an album in album view, i see first picture
if i click a track on that album i see second picture
if i click on the artist name on second picture top left… like my arrow, i see all that Artist Albums…
what do you see when you Click Various Artist like me 2nd picture… artist name…
what do you see on the right as name and sort?

Since they are mp3, you can try opening them on iTunes or something else… i’m not a PC guy…
maybe their is a settings on a tag that Audirvana don’t see, don’t know :slight_smile:

Well done Sir!
When I clicked on the artist name on second picture top left, I saw all that my Various Artist Albums were somehow being sorted by a B file. No idea how duh! but thanks a bunch for the guidance.
Thank you !

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