Verify your licence oN PC with NO internet connection


i want yo use a stand-alone “off the internet” pc with my Audirevana at my WORK.

we are not allowed to have a internet connection

i tried first at home with no internet (wifi or LAN) - it worked for a while

after some time it says “cannot verify or check your licence”

what is the way to run audirevana on Isolated pc ? (no internet)


We will need to check your license key state so you need to connect to internet connection when you have this error but you can disable internet again after doing the check.

Dear Eitan,

I discover through Damien’s answer that audirvana’s platform must be connected to internet, for the purpose of checking the user is entitled to use Audirvana.
This sounds fair to me, but it does not solve the problem you are facing at work to connect your PC to the internet.

Have you considered using your own smart phone as a shared WiFi access point on which to tether your PC while using Audirvana?
I suppose that the data used is very small and should not bust your contractual data entitlement.

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