Version 1.2.6

Hi Damien, it seem that the Audirvana Plus for windows 10 is stepped up to version 1.2.6, but, I didn’t received this update, my Audirvana being still at 1.2.5 version.
Do you know why I didn’t received this update?

LE: nevermind, it’s solved, I reinstalled Audirvana, and now it is 1.2.6.
But, I expected that any new update to announcing me (when I launch the A+), that it exists, and to be asked for allow it, and not to reinstall my Audirvana each time when a new update is released. :frowning:

It’s now 1.2.7 I’ve just released :slight_smile:

Oh, thank’s, but, I see that it’s the same problem (if it’s a problem and not something natural), namely to get thew new update I need to uninstall the A+ and to reinstall back this wonderfull software.
Can’t be a way to make any new updates automaticaly? to install themselves alones when I launch the application?
It’s pretty annoing to install and uninstall A+ eachtime when I want the latest version

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This how it is designed: update check is done when exiting the application (exactly the launcher AudirvanaPlus.application), and is downloaded the next time you start Audirvana Plus.If you are launching directly the .exe, this explains why you’re not getting the update automatically.

Oh, that’s I didn’t know it.

Thanks for tip

By the way, to clarify, I launching the A+ by making on desktop a shortcut from: C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Apps\2.0\Q9Y3YX8N.W2T\5MP6Z34X.OD8\

There’s the only place where I can find the A+ after installing it, and there it’s a folder named:


, with an A+ icon which is an application file.

Opening from there is somehow the wrong place for having automatic updates?
Do I have another option/location to open A+ in the right way, for having these updates in automatically mod?

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You have the shortcut in the Start Menu (“Audirvana Plus.appref-ms”)

Ok, that make me look really dumbass :neutral_face: .
I really didn’t saw that icon there.
It’s a say: you can’t see the forest because the trees.
Case closed, and thanks for opened my eyes in the right direction.