version 1031 bugs and Album Artist sorting

There are several bugs and suggestionss I wish to report: version 1031

1:Bug When looking at Various Artists with a lot of different Albums and
your playing a Album and you want to quickly switch to the next or another
Album quickly buy clicking on the scroll of other various artists albums
at the bottom of the page instead of clicking back to the main view of all
of the albums in various artists you get the wrong album than the one that
is shown that you click on. Another Various artist album. Thist doesn’t
happen with say a Artist with small number of Albums.

2:Audirvana no longer finds and shows Album Art for Artist’s Abums you
have that don’t have cover Art like it used to as recently has version 1029

Suggestions 3: I like the fact in Audirvana there is sort by Artist tab as
well as sort by Albums tab, but unlike prograns like J River I used to use
that sort buy Album Artist. There is just sort buy Artist. This becomes a
problem when you have Various Artist Albums that have one Album Artist but
a different Artist for each track. You end up with loads of Artists you
have to sort through that you don’t want mixing in with the list single
Albums Artist albums like say the Beatle’s. So if you has a Album Artist
tab sort it is much easier to see and pick from you collection of say 40
artist’s and Various Artist tab than every single artist of each track.
You could keep Artist’s tab for people who want that but add Album Artists
sort as well.

4:Bug When play Album with lots of tracks that you have to scroll page down
when you click on skip to next track the scroll view flicks back to the
beginning track 1 instead of staying with say track 45 which is playing.
You then flick the mouse and the view returns to the right track which is

Other than these issues I have found I am really enjoying the sound quality
of Audirvana Windows

Anyone experiencing artwork loading problems? I can’t get A+ to load my “folder.jpg” files, not anymore. :cry: