Very hard to see controls and text on Studio in WIN10

I have made this suggestion before: Please increase the width of the scroll bars. I don’t use the remote app and rely on the 55" display in my listening room to see the software. Currently the scroll bars are so narrow it is hard to see and even harder to control with my mouse curser. If they were only 2x as wide it would be a huge improvement. My eyesight isn’t bad but still… On the “seeing things” subject, it would be great if the information about artists and albums derived from the Tidal or Qobuz databases was in larger print or at least bold. The graphic background, while nice to look at, can obscure the words in the current format. Yes I have the text size set to large. Thank you.


Hi @EHolmwood,

I get what you are talking about, we will see what we can do about it.

Much appreciated. BTW I did a video for some of my buddies about Studio. I thought you might be interested. I didn’t do for any monetary reasons, rather just to share my passion for Audirvana.


Any update on this request? Thank you so much.


Hi @EHolmwood, we had to prioritize other things first but I will surely talk about this with Damien.

I totally understand. Thank you.

Thank you so much for fixing the scroll bars and other issues in the latest release. Thank you.

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