Very strange connection problem

I have Audirvana 3.5.3 running on a Mac Mini Server. I am able to connect easily with 3 of my 4 devices. They are an iPhone SE running iOS 14.2, an iPhone 11 running iOS 13.6 and a vintage iPAD running iOS 9.35 and whatever version of Audirvana runs on that relic. My problem is that I have a 6th Gen iPad which I really want to use, running iOS 14.2 and it absolutely cannot see the server, let alone get to the pairing stage. This particular iPad runs every other application we have set up for it on our home WiFi network.

Hello @CHB,

Can you update Audirvana 3.5 to the latest version 3.5.43?

Hello Damien3 -

I am currently at 3.5.38 build 3568 and I will reconnect when I have updated A+.

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