Volume control ergonomy


Scrolling a bar through a track is OK, but scrolling through a bar for volume is very strange in my opinion. It is nearly impossible to fine tune volume with a finger on bar.

Why not a +/- system (as on Audirvana itself?)

I have iPad mini and iPhone.

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Try the volume buttons on your phone or tablet.
That’s always worked for me. :slightly_smiling_face:


I use Audirvana on UPNP, not on USB, on an Esoteric N05XD.

Ipad volume buttons do not work to tune volume.

Currently, I use the Esoteric remote for volume as Audirvana volume control is really not usable for me.


I agree, volume on the Audirvana Remote is hopeless. Since I don’t have a preamp, I can’t use the Audirvana because of this

It is also not possible to use the volume buttons on my Samsung tablet

I’ve recently switched to Audirvana and I agree that it’s really hard to control the volume. Simple + and - buttons would be so much easier to use.