Volume Control for New MacBook Pro (15,2) With Touch Bar

Bottom Line: Request integration of Touch Bar volume control with control of Audirvana volume control

Discussion: I’ve used Audirvana across 3 previous Macintosh computers: MacMini (2012), MacBook Pro 15 (2011), and MacBook Pro 13 (2010). On each of those computers, the volume button controlled volume of Audirvana playback. Unfortunately, the Touch Bar version of volume control does not appear to integrate with Audirvana’s volume control. As a result, I’m forced to go to the Audirvana software for volume control.

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I also miss the volume control via touch bar (MacBook Pro 16, 2019, Catalina).

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This fixes it. But you don’t get consistent increments of dB. Not sure why. Only took me like 3 years to find.