Volume Control Slider Error

Minor issue - when playing DSD using either ASIO or kernel streaming, the software volume control turns off, but the slider on the desktop view still slides like it’s controlling volume. However, moving the slider does not adjust the volume. On the remote app, the slider does not move from the far left which mirrors the software volume control being off. Sometimes, when a DSD track is selected, the slider on the desktop does not slide and mirrors software volume control, but if the exclusive audio access mode is deactivated and then the track is played by clicking on the play icon, the slider will slide even though software volume control is off.

This occurs on releases 2.5.13 and 2.5.12.

Same behaviour with MQA.

Hi @12317,

Can you send a screenshot of what you see?

It depends on the device driver. By default, the volume slider is enabled because we don’t know whether the device supports volume change. We would need to certify the unit as PWA to avoid such a thing, but I do not have a contact at SMSL. If you have one, let me know, and we can probably do something about it.

Thanks for the quick response and clarification. As it doesn’t impact the music, not worth the effort to do anything more.

Thanks also for the much-improved performance of the remote app with 2.5.13 version of Origin. This is much more of value.

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