Volume Control w/ DacMagic 200M

Hello. Total newbie here. I just purchased a Cambridge Audio 200M since my Schiit Modi started to refuse to be acknowledged by my Mac Mini.

In reading the reviews of the 200M on the Cambridge website I noticed someone mention Audirvana. So I downloaded a trial version to see how it works, before I purchase.

I listen exclusively to Playlists which I have created in iTunes. I control music either through screen sharing to the Mac Mini from my main Mac, or via the Remote function for iTunes on my iPhone. My equipment is in a closet, and not readily available for volume control. This is not critical listening.

The first thing I noticed when I started to play through Audirvana is that I could not control the volume from the “player” window. Nor from the Remote App on my iPhone. For my purposes this will not work.

The Audirvana website does mention that there is a way to control volume via their app. But all my volume sliders are grey’d out.

If anyone could assist I would be very appreciative. I would like to keep using this software.

Try turning on the software volume function in the settings page to see if this resolves the issue.

Please note that this function is only available via USB DAC connection. If it is UPnP or DLNA, there will be some latency which will affect the listening experience.

Screenshot 2023-04-19 143750

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Hi @Gustave ,

Can you send us a copy of the “Debug Info” when you have this issue? You can get it in Audirvana Settings>My account

Note: By clicking on the Debug Info button, Audirvana automatically copies all its content, all you have to do is paste it in response to this message

That did the trick SiwakornK!
I had tried to click on that before, but apparently you have to click in just-the-right spot to open the next window.
Thank you.

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Thank you Antione, but as you will see I have managed to get the volume working.
Regards - Gustave

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