Volume issue either Max or off

I have a new Stellar DAC and my A+ vol either won’t play or it goes to Max volum,
A+ settings
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My Set Up:
WD usb2 2TB external HD Only Music aiff’s on it + Time Machine BackUp of MacBook Pro ( I only use it for one thing and that to serve music to my DAC)
MacBook Pro 2013 8GB RAM 256 internal Flash drive usb3 and thunderbolt
AudirvanaPlus Always very latest Version
ifi DAC nano latest driver iFiHDUSBAudio_dfuapp5.1A.sh(not in use)
Oyaide neo d+ Class A USB 2.0 to MacBook Pro from (REGEN)
MusicLink Transparent Interface (Directional) Cables
(Parasound P5 HALO Preamp) not in use
Stellar Gain Cell DAC
Reference B&K 200.2 S2 Power amp 225W RMS
Paradigm Studio 100v.3 series speakers BiWired
Klipsch Reference R-10SW Sub (not in use)